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NO.1 A new business process application is being created with several business process definitions
(BPD). One of them is shown in the exhibit:
The following requirement should be met:
- The first user task should be assigned automatically to the user who starts this top level BPD.
- A BPM application developer is creating a new business process application that is required to have
no deprecated features.
How should the BPM application developer configure the assignment for this user task?
A. SelectLast User intheUser Distributionfield
B. SelectLast User intheUser Distributionfield andLast User in Lanein theAssign to
C. SelectCustomin theAssign tofield and writetw.system.step.userinto theExpression field
D. SelectLast User in Lanein theAssign tofield
Answer: C

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NO.2 A BPM application developer needs to create a custom report for a set of job applications to
support the hiring request process. The process owner is the hiring manager The custom report must
show up as a tab at the top of the process portal, and it can only be accessed by the human resources
managers team.
How must the BPM application developer configure the coach to satisfy this requirement?
A. Set the "Expose As" field to Startable Service
B. Set the "Expose As" field as Custom Report.
C. Set the "Expose As" field to URL.
D. Set the "Expose As" field to Dashboard.
Answer: A

C9550-412 Vue   

NO.3 A BPM Application developer is developing a new process application in IBM Business Process
Manager V8.5.5. which condition must a BPM application developer choose to use a heritage human
service over a client side human service?
A. The human service needs to minimize server-side calls in user interfaces.
B. The process application requires runtime case management support.
C. The web editor is preferred.
D. The process application requires runtime collaboration support.
Answer: C

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NO.4 A BPM application developer is reviewing a business process built by a colleague. The process is
an application that uses business objects based on an industry standard data model and uses several
integrations to back end systems that also use that data model.
The process has been through a pre-production test cycle and is not performing well. The main area
of concern is with the BPM client side Human Service where the coaches take too long to appear in
the browser when the task is claimed.
Which of the following BPM factors should the BPM application developer include in their review of
the badly performing Client Side Human Services? (choose 2)
A. Boundary events associated with services
B. Size and number of complex variables passed to each client side human service
C. Size of business objects bound to Coach Views
D. The number of intermediate events associated with each client side human service
E. Execution of complex validation services
Answer: C,D

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今の競争の激しいIT業界では、多くの認定試験の合格証明書が君にをとんとん拍子に出世するのを助けることができます。多くの会社は君の実力と昇進がその証明書によって判断します。IBMのC9530-404 試験復習赤本はIT業界の中で含金度高い試験で、JPshikenがIBMのC9530-404 試験復習赤本について対応性の訓練 を提供しておって、ネットで弊社が提供した部分の問題集をダウンロードしてください。

競争がますます激しいIT業種では、IBMのC9550-412 試験時間の認定は欠くことができない認証です。JPshikenを選んだら、君が一回でIBMC9550-412 試験時間に合格するのを保証します。もしJPshikenのIBMのC9550-412 試験時間を購入した後、学習教材は問題があれば、或いは試験に不合格になる場合は、私たちが全額返金することを保証いたします。

C9530-404 試験復習赤本についてのことですが、JPshikenは素晴らしい資質を持っていて、最も信頼できるソースになることができます。何千何万の登録された部門のフィードバックによって、それに大量な突っ込んだ分析を通じて、我々はどのサプライヤーがお客様にもっと新しいかつ高品質のC9530-404 試験復習赤本を提供できるかを確かめる存在です。JPshiken のIBMのC9530-404 試験復習赤本は絶え間なくアップデートされ、修正されていますから、IBMのC9530-404 試験復習赤本のトレーニング経験を持っています。現在、認証試験に合格したいのならJPshiken のIBMのC9530-404 試験復習赤本を利用してください。さあ、最新のJPshiken のIBMのC9530-404 試験復習赤本にショッピングカートに入れましょう。あなたに予想外の良い効果を見せられますから。

試験科目:IBM Integration Bus V9.0, Solution Development
問題と解答:全48問 C9530-404 試験復習赤本

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試験科目:IBM Business Process Management Express or Standard Edition V8.5.5, BPM Application Development
問題と解答:全60問 C9550-412 試験時間

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ほかの人はあちこちIBMのC9550-412 試験時間の資料を探しているとき、あなたは問題集の勉強を始めました。準備の段階であなたはリーダーしています。我々JPshikenの提供するIBMのC9550-412 試験時間のソフトは豊富な試験に関する資源を含めてあなたに最も真実のIBMC9550-412 試験時間環境で体験させます。